Gregory Bateson

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Gregory Bateson's work, intensely interdisciplinary, even transdisciplinary, in character, continues to touch others in fields as diverse as communication and ecology, anthropology and philosophy, family therapy and education, and mental and spiritual health. Bateson's cybernetic epistemology forges a path of connection. The authors in this volume celebrate the Bateson Centennial, with contributions rooted in Bateson's ideas and ideals. Although their homes lie in different intellectual realms, their work embodies Bateson's interdisciplinary character. These essays offer both personal stories of Bateson's influence, while at the same time demonstrating opportunities for its extension, and can be read as a gift to a creative spirit on his 100th birthday.


Frederick Steier and Jane Jorgenson: Foreword: Patterns That Connect Patterns That Connect Mary Catherine Bateson: The Double Bind: Pathology and Creativity Will McWhinney: The White Horse: A Reformulation of Bateson's Typology of Learning Frederick Steier: Exercising Frame Flexibility Thomas Hylland Eriksen: Mind the Gap: Flexibility, Epistemology and the Rhetoric of New Work Peter Harries-Jones: Understanding Ecological Aesthetics: The Challenge Of Bateson Bradford Keeney: Circular Epistemology and the Bushman Shamans: A Kalahari Challenge to the Hegemony of Narrative Douglas Flemons: May the Pattern be With You Thomas E. Malloy, Carmen Bostic St. Clair, and John Grinder: Steps to an Ecology of Emergence Kenneth N. Cissna and Rob Anderson: A Failed Dialogue? The 1975 Meeting of Gregory Bateson and Carl Rogers Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz: The Natural History Approach: A Bateson Legacy Alfonso Montuori: Gregory Bateson and the Promise of Transdisciplinarity Louis H. Kauffman: Virtual Logic -- The One and the Many Peter Harries-Jones: Gregory Bateson, Heterarchies, and the Topology of Recursion Book Reviews and Announcements
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