The Cambridge Companion to Chomsky

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A comprehensive and accessible companion to the various aspects of Noam Chomsky's work.


The contributors; Introduction James McGilvray; Part I. Chomsky on the Human Language: 1. Chomsky's science of language Neil Smith; 2. Plato's problem, UG, and the language organ David Lightfoot; 3. Grammar, levels, and biology Howard Lasnik; 4. How the brain begets language Laura-Ann Petitto; 5. Chomsky and Halle's revolution in phonology B. Elan Dresher; 6. Universal aspects of word learning Lila Gleitman and Cynthia Fisher; Part II. Chomsky on the Human Mind: 7. Empiricism and rationalism as research strategies Norbert Hornstein; 8. Innate ideas Paul Pietroski and Stephen Crain; 9. Mind, language, and the limits of inquiry Akeel Bilgrami and Carol Rovane; 10. Meaning and Creativity James McGilvray; Part III. Chomsky on Values and Politics: 11. Market values and libertarian socialist values Milan Rai; 12. The individual, the state, and the corporation James Wilson; 13. Noam Chomsky: the struggle continues Irene Gendzier; 14. The responsibility of the intellectual Jean Bricmont; Notes; References; Index.


James McGilvray is Associate Professor of Philosophy at McGill University.


'The Cambridge Companion to Chomsky is a comprehensive, intelligible, and hugely informative guide to Chomsky studies, essential to all academic institutions and libraries, and inspiring for all who hope and believe that a better world is possible.' Reference Reviews
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