Hematologic Malignancies

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November 2000



The aim of Hematologic Malignancies: Methods and Techniques is to review those methods most useful for the diagnosis and subsequent mana- ment of hematologic malignancies. The scope of coverage is intentionally broad, ranging from routine procedures to highly sophisticated methods not currently offered by most clinical laboratories. The latter methods were selected especially to bring into focus recent advances in molecular biology that, since they provide us with strong tools for assessing the outcome of upcoming therapeutic modalities intent on disease eradication, are expected to impact the future diagnosis and management of these diseases. Thus, the c- mon thread among all chapters is clinical relevance, whether sanctioned by past experience or by the expectation that seemingly esoteric research techniques of today will prove clinically valuable in the future. Hematologic Malignancies: Methods and Techniques is primarily a compilation of methods presented in sufficient detail-by authors with extensive expertise in their field-to serve not only as a reference for seasoned research and clinical laboratory pers- nel, but also as a guide for the less experienced. Moreover, the contributing authors also discuss the pathophysiologic bases and the diagnostic usefulness that underscore each method's clinical relevance. Thus, this volume should be also valuable to clinicians-especially hematologists, oncologists, and path- ogists-often bewildered by an ever increasing flow of new scientific inf- mation, the practical application of which is often either not clearly disclosed or difficult to discern.


Part 1. Cytogenetics. Cytogenetics Analysis, Avery A. Sandberg and Zhong Chen. FISH Analysis, Avery A. Sandberg and Zhong Chen. Comparative Genomic Hybridization for the Analysis of Leukemias and Lymphomas, Michael Baudis and Martin Bentz. Spectral Karyotyping (SKY) of Hematologic Malignancies, Eva Hilgenfeld, Hesed Padilla-Nash, Oskar Haas, Hubert Serve, Evelin Schröck, and Thomas Ried. Part 2. Polymerase Chain Reaction. Molecular Genetic Methods in Diagnosis and Treatment, Pamela Ward and Alan Kinniburgh. Detecting Monoclonal Immunoglobulin and T-Cell Receptor Gene Rearrangements in B- and T-Cell Malignancies by Polymerase Chain Reaction, Pamela J. Sykes. Quantifying Residual Leukemia by 'Clone-Specific' Polymerase Chain Reaction, Michael J. Brisco. NPM-ALK Reverse Transcriptase/Polymerase Chain Reaction for Detecting the t(2;5) of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Sheila A. Shurtleff, James R. Downing, and Stephan W. Morris. Part 3. Flow Cytometry. Diagnostic Flow Cytometry in Hematologic Malignancies, Gerald E. Marti, Maryalice Stetler-Stevenson, and Thomas Fleisher. Flow Cytometric Analysis of Hematologic Neoplasia, Raul C. Braylan and John B. Anderson. In Situ Hybridization in Flow Cytometry, Victoria L. Mosiman and Charles L. Goolsby. Quantitative Fluorescence Cytometry, Robert F. Vogt, Jr., Abe Schwartz, Gerald E. Marti, Wanda E. Whitfield, and L. Omar Henderson. Part 4. Special Histopathology Stains. Methods in Leukocyte Cytochemistry, Mark G. Hanly. Immunohistochemistry in Leukemias and Lymphomas, Marina Jaramillo, Catherine Rangel, and Thomas Grogan. Part 5. Molecular Genetics and Cytokines. Apoptosis: Molecular Regulation of Cell Death and Hematologic Malignancies, Vincenzo Chiarugi, Marina Cinelli, Lucia Magnelli, and Persio Dello Sbarba. Cytokine Receptors: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis, Heddy Zola. Index.


"Serving both clinical and experimental needs, Hematologic Malignancies: Methods and Techniques, provides an array of powerful tools that will guide clinicians - especially hematologists, oncologists, and pathologists - to better diagnose and manage their patients with hematologic malignancies, and enable researchers to assess the anticancer effect of agents that impact cancer cells at the molecular level." -Tumori
"Guy B. Faguet, as editor, and the selected number of experts that he gathered together for this book, have done a remarkable job. In fact, there are very few books that in so few pages contain as much, and as useful, information as this newcomer in the field. All in all...this is an extremely valuable book of particular use to students and trainees in hematology and oncology." -Annals of Oncology
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