United States Government Information: Policies and Sources

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September 2002



Provides a comprehensive introduction to the information policies of the United States government and basic source material.


Peter Hernon is Professor, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Simmons College, Boston; Editor in Chief of Journal of Academic Librarianship; Founding Editor of Government Information Quarterly; Co-Editor of Library & Information Science Research; and an internationally acclaimed author. Harold C. Relyea is Specialist in American National Government with the Congressional Research Service (CRS) of the Library of Congress. Robert E. Dugan is Library Director, Mildred F. Sawyer Library, Suffolk University, Boston. Joan F. Cheverie is Head of the Government Documents and Microforms Department, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.


A valuable addition to the literature on federal government information. . . . This survey offers the best introduction to the topic for historians, political scientists, teachers, and librarians. For every collection with a substantial focus on government information. - Library Journal
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