Imaging of the Head and Neck

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November 2004



The new edition of Valvassori's fabulously successful "Imaging of the Head and Neck" has been completely updated to cover recent advances in the field.
Key features include:
-Organization according to anatomic regions
-Extensive illustrations to help the reader distinguish between normal and pathologic findings
-Imaging findings correlated to sections from cadavers
-Extended chapter on MRI and MRA techniques in the temporal bone
-New chapter on the orbit and globe
-New material on the anatomy and pathology of the paranasal sinuses for functional endoscopic surgery
-State-of-the-art approaches to neck pathology
It is an excellent reference book for both experienced practitioners and residents.


Professor, Dept. of Radiology, Geneva University Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland


There are few radiology textbooks that can be considered classics; "Imaging of the Head and Neck" is one. ...Well organized...The illustrations are a strong feature of this work. This work is an excellent review of head and neck imaging that would be useful to neuroradiology fellows, otolaryngologists, neurosurgeons, skull-base surgeons, oncologists, and general radiologists whose practices include a sufficient number of head and neck cases.--RadiologyThe text is clear, reasonably concise, and well written. ...State-of-the-art images...A comprehensive, encyclopedic book with lots of images..a welcome new edition...--Clinical ImagingAll of the chapters are well written and informative and have a uniform style. The high-quality color plates of the macrosections depict the anatomy exquisitely. These and the line drawings in the remainder of the chapter help the reader visualize the correlative CT anatomy of the various pathologic conditions. The updated MR images and tables of differential diagnoses are new and appealing. The high quality state-of-the-art high-resolution CT images depicting normal sinonasal anatomy are particularly useful. This delightful book is well organized... The greatest attributes of this book are the layout and descriptive text, variety of cases, and excellent quality of the CT and MR images. The images are well integrated into the text, the legends are well written, and the references are current. In summary, this is a superb clinically relevant reference textbook. It covers all aspects of head and neck imaging that neuroradiologists and clinicians dealing with this subject would find useful. The authors are to be congratulated on this outstanding job of organizing the essentials of head and neck imaging in an easy and readable manner.--American Journal of NeuroradiologyIllustrations are superbly printed in this typical Thieme-quality publication. This book...is best at demonstrating the normal anatomy, the clincial significance of imaging in
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