Stem Cells and CNS Development

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Stem Cells and CNS Development critically reviews recent findings on stem cells, their involvement in neurogenesis and gliogenesis, and the therapeutic implications of these findings. It defines by consensus the classes of stem cells in the nervous system, compares their similarities and differences, discusses the gains made in identifying human homologs of neural stem cells, and describes how these cells are beginning to be used for therapeutic purposes. Comprehensive and cutting-edge, this book provides all developmental scientists and neurobiologists not only an authoritative account of the current results in neural stem cell research, but also an incisive review of the rapidly emerging therapeutic uses of stem cells.


Defining Neural Stem Cells and Their Role in Normal Development of the Nervous System
Sally Temple

Multipotent Stem Cells in the Embryonic Nervous System
John A. Kessler, Mark F. Mehler, and Peter C. Mabie

Multipotent Stem Cells in the Adult Central Nervous System
Luca Bonfanti, Angela Gritti, Rossella Galli, and Angelo L. Vescovi

Glial Characteristics of Adult Subventricular Zone Stem Cells
Daniel A. Lim and Arturo Alvarez-Buylla

Neuronal Restricted Precursors
Giri Venkatraman and Marla B. Luskin

Glial Restricted Precursors
Mark Noble and Margot Mayer-Pröschel

PNS Precursor Cells
Tanya A. Moreno and Marianne Bronner-Fraser

Neural Progenitor Cells of the Adult Human Brain
Steven A. Goldman

ES Cells and Neurogenesis
John W. McDonald

Mobilizing Endogenous Stem Cells
Theo D. Palmer, Sophia Colamarino, and Fred H. Gage

Transplant Therapy
Barbara A. Tate, Kate A. Bower, and Evan Y. Snyder

Drug Discovery and Gene Discovery
Alexander Kamb and Mahendra S. Rao

Appendix A: Neural Stem Cell Companies
Appendix B: Stem Cells and Transplants
Appendix C: Patents and Stem Cells
Appendix D: Stem Cells and US Federal Guidelines
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"This is a surprisingly readable book. It is also very informative. Any interested clinician that wants a broad overview of the field should consult this text; so should anyone considering research in this exciting and rapidly developing field." -British Journal of Neurosurgery
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