The Intellectual Resistance in Europe

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Januar 1981



Camus, Sartre, and Beauvoir in France. Eich, Richter, and Boll in Germany Pavese, Levi, and Silone in Italy These are among the defenders of human dignity whose lives and work are explored in this widely encompassing work. James D. Wilkinson examines for the first time the cultural impact of the anti-Fascist literary movements in Europe and the search of intellectuals for renewal--for social change through moral endeavor--during World War II and its immediate aftermath.


Introduction: The Origins of the Intellectual Resistance PART 1 France 1. The Lessons of the Resistance 2. Liberation 3. The Limits of Choice PART 2 Germany 4. The Dilemmas of Opposition 5. A Foundation for Change 6. The Road to Restoration


James D. Wilkinson is Associate Professor of History and of History and Literature,Harvard University.


Wilkinson has illuminated in a subtle and perceptive way a crucial period of European intellectual history. -- James Joll The New Republic Crisply written and well organized, his book has a swift pace...Wilkinson's summaries inspire confidence, just as his unobtrusive critical comments offer useful benchmarks. -- Jim Miller Salmagundi James D. Wilkinson's thought-provoking and richly detailed book tells how the war acted as a catalyst for this group, leading them into an intense period of self-examination. -- Kenneth Noble New York Times Book Review
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