Milton and the Idea of the Fall

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A reading of Milton's writing on the Fall of man in its theological and historical context.


Introduction; Part I. Fallen Culture: 1. The fall; 2. Augustinianism; 3. The quarrel over original sin 1649-1660; 4. The heterodox fall; 5. The fall in practice; Part II. Milton: 6. Towards Paradise Lost; 7. Paradise Lost I: The causality of primal wickedness; 8. Paradise Lost II: God, Eden, and man; 9. Paradise Lost III: Creation and education; 10. Paradise Lost IV: Fall and expulsion; Conclusion.


William Poole is a Tutorial Fellow in English at New College, Oxford.


Review of the hardback: '... thoroughly researched, well-written and often fascinating ... Milton and the Idea of the Fall repays careful reading: it is rich, detailed and intelligent.' Times Literary Supplement Review of the hardback: 'Milton and the Idea of the Fall offers a radical rereading of Milton that takes religion seriously without losing sight of the political stakes.' Modern Language Review Review of the hardback: 'Milton and the Idea of the Fall is one of those specialist books that open out to change not only the way we think about Milton, but also the way we conceive of the period.' Modern Language Review
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