Image and Imagination

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August 2005



Photography and reality are inextricably linked but, whether one is being photographed, making a photograph, or looking at a photograph, photography is an act of the imagination. In nine original essays, art historians and cultural theorists break with photographic tradition to explore the crucial role of the imagination in photography from 19th-century studio portraiture to 21st-century digital innovations.


Essayists include Geoffrey Batchen (City University of New York), Catherine Bedard (Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris), Fae Brauer (University of New South Wales), Francine Dagenais (McGill University), Martyn Jolly (Australian National University), Petra Halkes (Concordia University), Martha Langford (Concordia University), Kirsty Robertson (Queen's University), and Ian Walker (University of Wales College).


Martha Langford is assistant professor, art history, Concordia University, author of Suspended Conversations: The Afterlife of Memory in Photographic Albums, and artistic director of Le Mois de la Photo a Montreal 2005.


"This is an impressive and original book that offers a new take on photo-imagery and the photo-imaginary." Liz Wells, School of Media and Photography, University of Plymouth, editor of Photography: A Critical Introduction and of The Photography Reader "A fascinating exploration of visual culture and the imagination. The essays form a lively and beautifully written discussion about the private life of images within the mind of the viewer." Carol Payne, School for Studies in Art and Culture, Carleton University
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