Animals and the Afterlife: True Stories of Our Best Friends' Journey Beyond Death

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Februar 2006



Kim Sheridan grew up with animals as her constant companions. Each time she faced the death of a beloved pet, along with the pain came the same questions, to which she could find no answers. Then, mysterious things began to happen that she couldn't explain, which led her on an incredible journey to uncover the truth. Along with her own extraordinary experiences, she compiled heartwarming and meaningful true stories of everyday people around the world, and discovered compelling evidence that forever erased her own doubts about an afterlife for animals.
This book provides enormous comfort and reassurance to anyone who has ever cherished a pet, and food for thought for anyone who has ever questioned the place of these beloved creatures in the larger scheme of things, both here on Earth and beyond.


Kim Sheridan developed an extra-special connection to animals and the ability to communicate with them from an early age. She is a respected health writer, researcher and nutritional consultant and is a popular guest on radio and television in the US. An acclaimed lecturer and workshop leader, Kim provides support to those whose beloved animal companions have passed. Kim has been listed in "Who's Who in Executives and Professionals", "2,000 Notable American Women", and "Great Minds of the 21st Century".

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