Sophie's Rebellion

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September 2005



Rebellion becomes personal for American Sophie Mallory when she's taken prisoner during a visit to Lower Canada in 1838 -- but then she is befriended by a young rebel.


Darkness; A Ray of Hope; Battle of the Scheldt: 1 October - 8 November 1944; Winter on the Maas: 9 November 1944 - 7 February 1945; The Rhineland Campaign: 8 February - 11 March 1945; The Final Phase: 12 March - 4 May 1945; De Bevrijding: 5 May 1945; Between Friends.


Dr. Beverley Boissery is a historian whose non-fiction books, "Deep Sense of Wrong, Uncertain Justice," and "Beyond Hope" have been critically acclaimed and widely reviewed. She lives in Vancouver with her quiet cat and rambunctious friends.


"Boissery clearly knows her history. The fact that she is an authority on the subject is, from an educational standpoint, reassuring. The construction of characters such as Sophie and Luc helps to make the historical content accessible and understandable. These things being the case... I recommend this book as a means to help adolescents develop a greater awareness of the history of Canada and the role that history has played in shaping present-day Canada."Gregory Bryan, "CM Magazine", Volume XII Number 19, May 26, 2006
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