Understanding Travel Behaviour in an Era of Change

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Februar 1997



Travel behaviour research has a pivotal role to play in informing the current worldwide debate over the degree to which the growth in personal travel, notably by private motor vehicle, should be encouraged or controlled. At stake are complex public interests concerning air quality, energy, lifestyle, economic development and the built environment. This international collection of papers on current methodological and substantive findings from the analysis of personal travel is written by leading travel behaviour researchers from the social and engineering sciences. It is organised in four sections: traveller activity and perception; stated preference methods; dynamic behaviour; and improvement of behavioural travel models.


Section headings: Understanding Shifts in Traveller Activity and Perception. Measuring Future Contexts: The Stated Preference Approach. Incorporating the Dynamics of Behaviour in Travel Analysis. Improving the Practice of Behavioural Travel Models.


S.A. Schulman, CUNY Kings-borough Community College. ...a mix of methodological models and their practical applications that draws heavily on research conducted for, and in, the transportation sector. Contributions extend the use of these models and their applications to a broader tourism context. This provocative, Eurocentric analysis shows just how far behavioral research has developed since Maslow (who is still often cited in tourism analysis). An excellent graduate-level resource for tourism or service marketing; also usfeful to research oriented tourism professionals. Choice Konstadinos G. Goulias This skillfully edited volume...reflects the excitement and enthusiasm for innovation still experienced within the field today...a worthy addition to the key literature of travel behavior analysis. The chapters in the volume were written by well-known researchers in the field, and offer a rich blend of perspectives from varied countries, backgrounds and disciplines. The book is an informative reference for experienced researchers, an important source of information for people who are new to the field, and a useful resource for advanced students. The value of the book is considerably enhanced by its review chapters. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice
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