Business Calculus Demystified

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Take the FEAR OUT of Business CalculusBusiness Calculus Demystified clarifies the concepts and processes of calculus and demonstrates their applications to the workplace. Best-selling math author Rhonda Huettenmueller uses the same combination of winning step-by-step teaching techniques and real-world business and mathematical examples that have succeeded with tens of thousands of college students, regardless of their math experience or affinity for the subject.With Business Calculus Demystified, you learn at your own pace. You get explanations that make differentiation and integration -- the main concepts of calculus -- understandable and interesting. This unique self-teaching guide reinforces learning, builds your confidence and skill, and continuously demonstrates your mastery of topics with a wealth of practice problems and detailed solutions throughout, multiple-choice quizzes at the end of each chapter, and a "final exam" that tests your total understanding of business calculus.Learn business calculus for the real world! This self-teaching course conquers confusion with clarity and ease. Get ready to:
  • Get a solid foundation right from the start with a review of algebra
  • Master one idea per section -- develop complete, comfortable understanding of a topic before proceeding to the next
  • Find a well-explained definition of the derivative and its properties; instantaneous rates of change; the power, product, quotient, and chain rules; and layering different formulas
  • Learn methods for maximizing revenue and profit... minimizing cost... and solving other optimizing problems
  • See how to use calculus to sketch graphs
  • Understand implicit differentiation, rational functions, exponents, and logarithm functions -- learn how to use log properties to simplify differentiation
  • Painlessly learn integration formulas and techniques and applications of the integral
  • Take a "final exam" and grade it yourself!
Who says business calculus has to be boring? Business Calculus Demystified is a lively and entertaining way to master this essential math subject!


<H3>Chapter 1: Algebra Review<H4>The slope and equation of a line<H4>Finding x-intercepts<H4>Solving equations<H4>Quadratic functions<H4>The vertex<H4>The maximum/minimum value of a quadratic function<H4>Increasing/decreasing intervals<H4>Some important exponent properties<H3>Chapter 2: Average rate of change<H4>Limits<H3>Chapter 3: Definition of derivative<H4>Properties of the derivative<H4>Instantaneous rates of change<H4>The tangent line
  • The Power Rule
  • The Product Rule
  • The Quotient Rule
  • The Chain Rule
<H4>Layering different formulas<H3>Chapter 5: Applications
  • Optimizing functions
  • Maximizing revenue and profit, minimizing cost, and other optimizing problems
<H3>Chapter 6: The second derivative<H4>Concavity<H4>Another method for optimizing functions<H3>Chapter 7: Implicit differentiation<H3>Chapter 8: Rational functions<H4>Limits and asymptotes<H3>Chapter 9: Using calculus to sketch graphs<H4>Graphs of polynomial functions


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