The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Job After Residency

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Dezember 2005



This is a one-of-a-kind single source compendium of employment advice for residents looking for their first job and physicians looking to make career changes. For the first time, important issues such as geographic considerations, partnerships, salaries, legalities, starting an effective job search, interviewing tips, contract negotiation, are all discussed in detail by someone who's been there and lived it.


IntroductionStarting the Job Search:Profiling the CandidateMarried/SingleFamily Issues (near/away from In-Laws, etc)Quality of primary/secondary schools for childrenGeographic IssuesFinancial Issues/GoalsCareer/Academic/Medicine related GoalsDebt Issues (Loan Payoff as part of Contract)Expected Salary RangeBalancing Lifestyle and ProfessionProfiling the Ideal Practice:Solo Practitioner/Start a New PracticeJoin a Solo PractitionerSingle-specialty groupMulti-Specialty groupAcademic PracticeLocum TenensGovernmentLocation (Small community; Suburban large metropolitan; Large Metropolitan)Starting the Search (Beginning one year in advance of estimated start date)Sources of ReferralsRecruiters and their advantages/disadvantagesChairman/Attending physicians in programOther physician contacts in your fieldIndustry/Drug detail people that may work in the geographic area you intend to work inIndustry/Trade journals"Cold Call"
Correspondence to local physicians in areaInternet Preparing for the InterviewAppropriate QuestionsPreparing your SpouseBeginning the Interview ProcessInterview as many places as reasonable, as to get a 'reference point'/feel for different practice situationsInterview etiquette/expectations for both interviewers/interviewee/spouseEvaluating a PracticeSo, You've Got a Contract!Aspects of a ContractWhat is legal/enforceable; what is notHaving a lawyer review contractTime to partnershipBuy-in to partnership (what do you buy-in to)Income/Revenue prior to partnershipExpectations of Income/Salary after partnershipNon-compete, buy-out issues; enforceabilityBonus structureSpeakers fee incomeVacation TimeCall scheduleCME TimeMoving ExpensesSpecial issues:

Buying into Ambulatory Surgery/Procedure CentersRetirement PlanMedical PlanAppendices:

Income by Specialty, Geography, and Practice TypeGovernment Resources for Information (debt forbearance programs)Recruiting companiesAppropriate CV templatesLegal Terminology, defined


Koushik K. Shaw, MD Urologist in group specialty practice in Austin, Texas Graduating resident in urology from Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana in July 2004 Koushik Shaw has won several awards and honorary fellowships for his teaching and medical expertise, and has coauthored and presented many research projects on surgical techniques and outcomes in urology.


"The book is well organized, is an easy read, and does not have to be entirely digested in one session. It provides a wealth of essential resource materials, Web sites, data, and helpful examples throughout. The organization, economics, and demographics of medicine are in inevitably changing over time, and it is becoming painfully obvious how poorly our training prepares us to understand the implications of practice models, finances, and location on our professional lives. This short little book goes a long way in addressing these issues in remarkably simplistic, understandable terms. It is a useful read and reference for all anesthesia residents before the venture into what seems to be a confusing myriad of opportunity." Anesthesiology 20061101 "I would recommend this inexpensive and highly valuable paperback [The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Job After Residency] to all graduating residents. The lists of Web sites alone are worth the price of the book." Anesthesiology News 20060901
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