Frank McKinney's Maverick Approach to Real Estate Success: How You Can Go from a $50,000 Fixer-Upper to a $100 Million Mansion

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Whether readers are interested in single-family homes, entry-priced fixer-uppers, million-dollar mansions, or anything in between, McKinney offers the kind of unconventional wisdom they won't learn in any seminar.


Acknowledgments. Introduction: Twenty Minutes Equals Twenty Years. Chapter 1: From $50,000 to $100 Million:Why the Maverick Approach Works. PART ONE: ARE YOU READY FOR THE MAVERICK APPROACH? Chapter 2: Make the Decision NOW to Put in the Time and Effort to Succeed. Chapter 3: Think People First, and Profit Will Follow. Chapter 4: Create Vital Relationships Up Front. Chapter 5: Don't Just Learn Your Market-Create It. PART TWO: THE FOUR STEPS TO MAVERICK REAL ESTATE SUCCESS. Chapter 6: The Maverick Approach, Step One: Locate (Location, Location, Location-or Is It?). Chapter 7: The Maverick Approach, Step Two: Negotiate/Buy (You Make Your Profit the Day You Sell, or Do You?). Chapter 8: The Maverick Approach, Step Three: Improve (Solid Gold or Gold-Plated?). Chapter 9: The Maverick Approach, Step Four: Market and SELL, SELL, SELL! P.T. Barnum Meets Willy Wonka. PART THREE: ASSESSING A MAVERICK'S NET WORTH. Chapter 10: The Character of a Maverick. Chapter 11: The Upward Spiral of the Maverick Approach. Index.


FRANK McKINNEY, the "real estate rock czar," is the number one creator of ultra-luxurious residential real estate in the world. He is the undisputed king of speculative high-end real estate, and his oceanfront masterpieces sell for tens of millions. The bestselling author of the Wiley title Make It BIG!, he is the founder of The Caring House Project Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to housing the poorest of the poor. All his book profits and appearance fees go to the Foundation. Frank-McKinney.com

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