Research in Nursing and Health: Understanding and Using Quantitative and Qualitative Methods, 2nd Edition

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September 2004



This book offers the reader a synopsis of research, appreciating both the science and art of inquiry. It is designed to present the basic elements of conducting and understanding nursing research using an expeditious and useful reference format. This updated new edition offers the reader a step-by-step guide to conducting research and to understanding the research studies done by others. It describes both quantitative and qualitative investigations. The book is written in outline format, for quick reference. An important feature of the new edition is an extensive listing of online databases and knowledge resources. Graduate students and nurse researchers will find this an easily accessible source of valuable information.


Introduction to Research / The Research Question / A Review of the Literature Using Online & Print Sources / Theoretical and Conceptual Frameworks / Research Designs / Sampling Methods: Basic Issues and Concepts / Principles of Measurement / Development of Quantitative Measures / Data Analysis and Interpretation / Product of the Inquiry: The Research Report / Guide to Critique of Quantitative Research - with Examples and Practice Studies / Guide to Critique of Qualitative Research - with Examples and Practice Studies / References and Bibliography / Appendix A. Suggested Guide for Abstracting Research Studies / Appendix B. Guide to Critique of Philosophical Research / Appendix C. Issues of Control and Validity: Quantitative Studies / Appendix D. Testing Hypotheses with an Exemplar Study: Statistical Significance, Error, Directionality, and Power
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