Forensic Pathology Reviews

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April 2005



A collection of cutting-edge accounts of special topics from various fields of forensic pathology and death scene investigation. The authors offer critical insight into the medicolegal investigation of bodies found in water, the forensic aspects of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1 infection of the central nervous system, deaths in a head-down position, and forensic bitemark analysis. Additional chapters address taphonomic changes in human bodies during the early postmortem interval, arrhythmogenic ventricular dysplaisia that produces sudden death in young people, the postmortem diagnosis of death in anaphylaxis, and iatrogenici deaths. The forensic aspects of suicide, murder-suicide, and suicide trends in the United States are also discussed, along with the evaluation of fatal pulmonary thromboembolism and the use of radiology in medicolegal investigations.


Death From Environmental Conditions

Macroscopical, Microscopical, and Laboratory Findings in Drowning Victims: A Comprehensive Review
Philippe Lunetta and Jerome H. Modell

Forensic Neuropathology

HIV-1 Infection of the Central Nervous System
Andreas Büttner and Serge Weis

Forensic Pathophysiology

Death in a Head-Down Position
Achim Th. Schäfer

Forensic Odontology

Bitemarks: Presentation, Analysis, and Evidential Reliability
Jules Kieser, Geoffrey Tompkins, Donna Buckingham, Norman A. Firth and Michael Swain


Postmortem Changes and Artifacts Occurring During the Early Postmortem Interval
Michael Tsokos

Macroscopical Findings on Soil-Embedded Skeletal Remains Allowing the Exclusion of a Forensically Relevant Lay Time
Marcel A. Verhoff and Kerstin Kreutz

Death From Natural Causes

Right and Left Ventricular Arrhythmogenic Dysplasia: Pathological Features and Medicolegal Significance
Wolfgang Huckenbeck and Adonios Papadomanolakis

Postmortem Diagnosis of Anaphylaxis
Erik Edston and Marianne van Hage-Hamsten

Vascular Conditions

The Medicolegal Evaluation of Fatal Pulmonary Thromboembolism
James R. Gill


Trends of Suicide in the United States During the 20th Century
Lisa B. E. Shields, Donna M. Hunsaker, and John C. Hunsaker III

Murder-Suicide: An Overview
Roger W. Byard

Iatrogenic Injury

Iatrogenic Injury: A Forensic Perspective
Gilbert Lau

Imaging Techniques in Forensic Pathology

Forensic Radiology
Tzipi Kahana and Jehuda Hiss



From Reviews of the First Volume...
"...can be recommended to forensic pathologists from beginners to experts...will be a good basis for further forensic practices and researches." -Legal Medicine
"...a significant contribution to the forensic pathology literature." -Journal of Forensic Science
"...the readers of this book will establish up-to-date and good grasp of forensic pathology...the book can be recommended to forensic pathologists from beginners to experts. The book will give good basis for further forensic practices and researches." -Legal Medicine
"It is hoped that the following volume of this series will maintain the high standard set up by this first volume." -International Journal of Legal Medicine
"I would recommend the first book in this series to the practicing forensic pathologist who wishes to fill in some gaps of the standard forensic pathology texts or as a starting point to begin to master the art of traumatic forensic neuroimmunohistochemistry." -Arch Pathol Lab Med
From the reviews:
"This is an exceptionally useful resource for both residents in training and practicing pathologists...I highly recommend this book." - Doody's Health Sciences Book Review Journal
"This is the third volume of a series of forensic pathology reviews ... . The concept of providing up-to-date comprehensive and practically oriented reviews of important issues of forensic pathology has been maintained. ... Like the two previous volumes ... this volume represent high-quality, cutting-edge reviews written by well-known researchers in their scientific fields. ... In conclusion, the forensic pathology reviews series promises to be a very useful and up-to-date source ... ." (B. Karger, International Journal of Legal Medicine, Vol. 120, 2006)
"Staying with the 'pick 'n' mix' style of the previous volumes, we now have a third volume of excellent review articles on forensic pathology. ... There are a total of 13 chapters. ... the book is well written and a joy to read. It is also well illustrated with half-tone photographs. ... this volume is essential reading for all autopsy pathologists, including forensic pathologists. Trainees in forensic pathology might find this series particularly useful." (Dr G C A Fernando, American College of Physicians News, Autumn, 2005)
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