The Role of Medial Temporal Lobe in Memory and Perception: Evidence from Rats, Nonhuman Primates and Humans: A Special Issue of the Quarterly Journal

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September 2005



While it is commonly accepted that structures in the medial temporal lobe play a critical role in memory, current theories disagree on three fundamental issues: (a) the extent to which different regions within the medial temporal lobe can be functionally dissociated; (b) whether structures within the medial temporal lobe are specialised for memory processing or play an additional role in perception; and (c) whether there is support for functional homology across species. To address these controversial questions, this Special Issue brings together researchers working on memory and perception in the medial temporal lobe and asks whether there is evidence for similar functional dissociations across species. The papers reported here include lesion and early gene imaging in rats, electrophysiological and lesion studies in nonhuman primates, lesion and functional neuroimaging in human participants, as well as touching on computational modelling approaches. Pulling together these methodological diverse contributions, a final chapter highlights the main consistencies and discrepancies with respect the three issues under debate, as well as providing future directions for research in this area. The Special Issue highlights how a cross-disciplinary approach to neuroscientific research can yield powerful converging evidence and help resolve controversies that may seen to exist across methodologies and/or species.


K.S. Graham, D. Gaffan, The Role of the Medial Temporal Lobe in Memory and Perception: Evidence from Rats, Nonhuman Primates and Humans. M. J. Eacott and E. A. Gaffan, The Roles of the Perirhinal Cortex, Postrhinal Cortex and the Fornix in Memory for Objects, Contexts and Events in the Rat. J.P. Aggleton, M.W. Brown, Contrasting Hippocampal and Perirhinal Cortex Function Using Immediate Early Gene Imaging. E. T. Rolls, L. Franco, and S. M. Stringer, The Perirhinal Cortex and Long-term Familiarity Memory. M.J. Buckley, The Role of the Perirhinal Cortex and Hippocampus in Learning, Memory and Perception. T.J. Bussey, L.M. Saksida, E.A. Murray, The Perceptual-mnemonic/feature Conjunction Model of Perirhinal Cortex Function. R.R. Hampton, Monkey Perirhinal Cortex is Critical for Visual Memory, but not for Visual Perception: Re-examination of the Behavioural Evidence from Monkeys. A.C. H. Lee, M.D. Barense, K.S. Graham, The Contribution of the Human Medial Temporal Lobe to Perception: Bridging the Gap Between Animal and Human Studies. J.S. Holdstock, The Role of the Human Medial Temporal Lobe in Object Recognition and Object Discrimination. R. Henson, A Mini-review of fMRI Studies of Human Medial Temporal Lobe Activity Associated with Recognition Memory. P. Bright, H.E. Moss, E.A. Stamatakis, L.K. Tyler, The Anatomy of Object Processing: The Role of Anteromedial Temporal Cortex. E.A. Murray, K.S. Graham, D. Gaffan, Perirhinal Cortex and its Neighbours in the Medial Temporal Lobe: Contributions to Memory.


MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge University, UK Department of Experimental psychology, Oxford University

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