Applications of Biological Anthropology to Human Affairs

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Topics covered in this book include reproductive ecology and fertility, nutritional status in relation to health, and the effects of pollution on growth.


1. Introduction G. W. Lasker; 2. Reproductive ecology and human fertility P. T. Ellison; 3. Nutritional status: its measurement and relation to health C. G. N. Mascie-Taylor; 4. Pollution and human growth: lead, noise, polychlorobiphenol compounds, and toxic wastes L. M. Schell; 5. Human physiological adaptation to high altitude environments L. P. Greksa; 6. Darwinian fitness, physical fitness and physical activity R. M. Malina; 7. Human evolution and the genetic epidemiology of chronic degenerative diseases D. E. Crews and G. D. James; 8. The biology of human aging W. A. Stini; Literature cited; Index.


"...should interest researchers and advanced students of biological anthropology, epidemiology, population genetics, and physiology...will be essential for anyone at any level who is involved in the applied aspects of human health and welfare." S.D. Stout, Choice
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