The Motion of Bubbles and Drops in Reduced Gravity

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Orbiting spacecraft provide a valuable laboratory for experiments on physical and biological systems in a reduced gravity environment. In these experiments, fluid masses containing bubbles and drops are encountered routinely. This original work provides a clear, thorough review of the motion of bubbles and drops in reduced gravity, particularly motion caused by variations in interfacial tension arising from temperature gradients on their surfaces. The emphasis is on theoretical analysis from first principles; experimental results are discussed and compared with predictions where appropriate. Students and researchers interested in fluid mechanics in reduced gravity will welcome this state-of-the-art reference.


Part I. Introduction: 1. The role of gravity and interfacial tension in the motion of bubbles and drops; 2. The governing equations; Part II. The Motion of Isolated Bubbles and Drops: 3. Motion driven by a body force; 4. Thermocapillary motion; Part III. Interactions of Bubbles and Drops: 5. General solutions; 6. Interactions when motion is driven by a body force; 7. Interactions when motion is driven by thermocapillarity; Part IV. Related Topics: 8. Mass transfer between a bubble or drop and a continuous phase; 9. Motion driven by the interface in a body of fluid; References.


'This book will be a valuable reference text for those interested in interfacial and low-gravity fluid mechanics.' Journal of Fluid Mechanics 'This is a carefully written monograph on the behaviour of fluid and gaseous matter under the influence of external forces ... All calculations and formulas are given in great detail, so this book is very useful for students in mathematical physics.' ZentralBlatt Math 'This large monograph for graduate students and researchers deals with the motion of bubbles and drops caused by variations in interfacial tension around their surfaces ... The authors have spent many years working with both the American and European space programmes, and they are clearly well-informed about their subject. If one wishes to know about thermocapillarity and some related topics, this is a good book to learn from.' European Journal of Mechanics B/Fluids 'The authors provide a reasonably comprehensive approach and highlight the current research in the field ...The text is well referenced and indexed, and the detailed table of contents enables the reader to quickly find topics of interest.' Chemical Engineering Progress 'The book is well supported by references that are of immediate help to the reader ... Here is a goldmine where, with care and patience, readers concerned with reduced gravity environments should get acquainted with a beautiful subject under the guidance of two of the most original and imaginative minds ... This is definitely a book to buy rather than to borrow ... Three outstanding qualities of the book are its readability; its accuracy in regard to analysis, discussion of experimental results and comparison with predictions; and its pleasing appearance.' Current Engineering Practice 'This book is thorough and rigorous ... The Table of Contents, Index, and Introductions to the chapters make the material easy to navigate, and the authors have taken the trouble in the text to refer the readers to related sections elsewhere in the book ... [The] Motion of Bubbles and Drops in Reduced Gravity will be of value to applied mathematicians, physicists, and fluids engineers working in the fields of reduced gravity or multiphase systems, and may impact a number of materials researchers ... is an essential purchase as a reference text ... those engaged in this challenging field are well advised to place copies on their bookshelves.' Applied Mechanics Reviews 'Looking at the structure and contents of this book, it may be termed very useful both for students and researchers working in the field ... The physical basis of the whole subject ... are presented on the first 42 pages of the book in a very condensed and comprehensive form so that all details and their discussions presented in the rest of the book are easy to follow and to understand. The solutions given for numerous problems in the covered field are excellently presented in a ready-to-use form. The 17-pages list of references ... facilitates access to 'classical' as well as to latest related work, reflects well the current state of research ... The book is highly recommended to the scientific community working on transport phenomena in surface-tension-driven bubble or drop motion.' Chemie Ingenieur Technik
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