Superpowers Defeated: Vietnam and Afghanistan Compared

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April 1999



During the Cold War, military conflicts in Vietnam and Afghanistan validated the importanct of war in global power dynamics. But military intervention proved not to be politically sustainable for the USA and the USSR. This study investigates the parallels and differences in the two conflicts.


Military "Expertly comparing the impact of military intervention on the domestic political legitimacy and international credibility of the superpowers, the author helps the reader to gain a better understanding of these wars as very similar but quite different events." Millenium "Borer provides a thoughtful and informative comparison, leading to a stronger understanding, of the Vietnam and Afghan Wars" Indochina Chronology "challenges the widely held notion that there is great parallelism between the two wars" American Historical Review "will command attention for both Cold War scholars and International Historians" "the first comprehensive comparative study of the Vietnam and Afghan conflicts... it is a piece of scholarship that deserves to be read and debated widely" - Journal of Cold War Studies
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