The Traveller

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In the shadows of our modern society, an ancient conflict between good and evil is being fought. A life-and-death battle we will never see, between those who wish to control history and those who will risk their lives for freedom and enlightenment. The first in a thrilling series of novels set in "The Fourth Realm".


John Twelve Hawks lives off the grid.


"'The pace is fast, the characters intriguing and memorable, the evil dark and palpable, and the genre-bending between fantasty and thriller seamless...He could be a force to reckon with'" Kirkus Reviews "'Twelve Hawks' much anticipated novel is powerful, mainstream fiction built on a foundation of cutting-edge technology laced with fantasy and the chilling specter of an all-too-possible social and political reality'" Publishers Weekly "The book they say is the new Da Vinci Code. Take some Orwellian undertones, add a dash of Philip Pullman and sprinkle with a few lines of Dan Brown" Metro "Compelling...Picture The Matrix crossed with William Gibson and you'll have a sense of The Traveller" Newsday "A cyber 1984...Page-turningly swift, with a cliffhanger ending" New York Times
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