Kaiser Wilhelm II New Interpretations: The Corfu Papers

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Juni 2005



As assessment of the Kaiser's character and its implications on Imperial German history.


List of illustrations; Introduction John C. G. Rohl; 2. Kaiser Wilhelm II and his parents: an inquiry into the psychological roots of German policy towards England before the First World War Thomas A. Kohut; 3. History as family chronicle: Kaiser Wilhelm II and the dynastic roots of the Anglo-German antagonism Lamar Cecil; 4. The Kaiser and the British: the state visit to Windsor, November 1907 Jonathan Steinberg; 5. The Kaiser and German Weltpolitik: reflexions on Wilhelm II's place in the making of German foreign policy Paul Kennedy; 6. Kaiser Wilhelm II in the context of his military and naval entourage Wilhelm Deist; 7. Kaiser Wilhelm II and the 'Liebenberg Circle' Isabel V. Hull; 8. The decisive relationship: Kaiser Wilhelm II and Chancellor Bernhard von Bulow, 1900-1905 Kathy Lerman; 9. The Daily Telegraph affair and its aftermath: the Kaiser, Bulow and the Reichstag, 1908-1909 Terence F. Cole; 10. Images of Kaiserdom: German attitudes to Kaiser Wilhelm II Elisabeth Fehrenbach; 11. The Kaiser in his epoch: some reflections on Wilhelmine society, sexuality and culture Nicolaus Sombart; Index.
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