Design Systems for VLSI Circuits

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Juli 1987



Synthesis is a crucial component of future CAll s;ystems. The competitive edge of IC desiBn will most probcbly come frc·'1l the use of effective synthesis tools. A complete synthesis system should generate layout masks from a high-level algorithmic, behavioral or functional des­ cription of a VLSI systen, [1 description of the target tech­ nology and a description of the constraints and cost func­ tions. The design should be completed in reasonable time and with the quality a human designer could obtain. Working designs have been produced with silicon compilers, but the quality of the design has always been a problem. ~n1ile for a restricted class of designs, such 2S Digital Signal Processors (DSP) , the use of a fixed floor-plan has been successful, its use for less constrp.ined applications results in inefficient utilizstion of areE and poor perfor­ mance. In addition, the structure of the control logic is of­ ten too rigid end not optimized, thus yielding F: slm'! and large chip. The present trend is to bre8t: the synthesis pro­ cess into stages, end to use tools thet optimize rep.l estate Bnd/or performance to go from one stege to the next. This book covers most of the topics in the design of di­ gital VLSI Circuits, 2nd focuses on theory, as well as algo­ rithms and co~puter implementations of desiGn systems.


Introduction: Synthesis of LSI Circuits.- I: Synthesis Methods.- Procedural Design and Module Generation.- Module Generators for VLSI Design.- Abstraction and Layering in Silicon Compilation Tools.- Symbolic Layout and Procedural Design.- Physical Synthesis.- Automatic Layout of Integrated Circuits.- Logic Synthesis.- Algorithms for Multi-Level Logic Synthesis and Optimization.- Verification Algorithms for VLSI Synthesis.- Logic Synthesis.- Synthesis of Control Systems.- Towards Intelligent Silicon Compilation.- II. Synthesis Systems.- A Mixed-Media Approach to Module Generator Design.- Design of Module Generators and Silicon Compilers.- Layout Compilation.- The Socrates Logic Synthesis and Optimization System.- The Syco Silicon Compiler and Its Environment.- The MEGA System for Semi-Custom Design.- III. Synthesis Systems for Digital Signal Processing.- Automatic Generation of Digital Signal Processing Circuits.- Cathedral II: A Synthesis and Module Generation System for Multiprocessor Systems on a Chip.
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