Divided We Stand: The Rejection of American Culture Since the 1960s

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Februar 2006



In tracing the roots and impact of the counter-culture's rejection of historical American beliefs, McElroy powerfully defends the bedrock principles of responsible individualism, practical improvement, and equal freedom under God.


1 Foreword 2 Introduction: The Culture War in America in the Late Twentieth Century 3 The Rejection of American Culture 4 Perfection vs. Practical Improvement 5 Class Struggle vs. Equal Freedom 6 Bending: A Means of Deconstructing a Culture 7 Bending Education 8 Instrumental Government 9 Strict Materialism 10 Will American Culture Be Replaced? 11 Appendix A: Beliefs of American Culture 12 Appendix B: A Brief Homily on Needs 13 Appendix C: Some Recommended Further Reading 14 Sources and Notes 15 Acknowledgments


John Harmon McElroy, professor emeritus of the University of Arizona, has also taught at Clemson and the University of Wisconsin-Madison and been a Fulbright Professor of American Studies at universities in Brazil and Spain. His previous books on American cultural history include: Finding Freedom: America's Distinctive Cultural Formation (1989) and American Beliefs: What Keeps a Big Country and a Diverse People United (1999).


In this elegantly written work, John McElroy brilliantly counters the counter-culture. No book could be more timely as America stands perplexed both at home and abroad.--Charles Moskos, professor of sociology, Northwestern University
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