The Impact of the Euro: Debating Britain's Future

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Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) will have far-reaching consequences for participating nations. This book contains a unique and editorially neutral collection of key arguments favouring and opposing membership. The economic and policy implications are evaluated by distinguished economists, whilst the impact upon national sovereignty and the world of work is debated by prominent MPs and representatives of business and trade union organisations. The text provides an unbiased, comprehensive and 'readable' resource for specialist students and a general readership.


Preface Acknowledgements List of Contributors Introduction: An Overview of European Monetary Integration; M.Baimbridge, B.Burkitt & P.Whyman PART
I: THE ECONOMICS OF A SINGLE CURRENCY The Case for European Monetary Union; N.M.Healey The Economic Consequences of EMU for Britain; J.Michie Joining Europe's Currency; R.Layard The Single Currency - Will it Work and Should We Join?; P.Minfold PART
II: ECONOMIC POLICY CONSEQUENCES OF A SINGLE CURRENCY Saving Europe's Automatic Stabilisers; B.Eichengreen The Deflationary Consequences of the Single Currency; P.Arestis & M.Sawyer EMU: Threats and Opportunities for Companies and National Economies; Lord Currie of Marylebone British EMU Membership Would Create Instability and Destroy Employment; W.Eltis PART
III: WORK, EMPLOYMENT AND BUSINESS The Case for the Single Currency; C.Haskins EMU and the Opportunities for British Business; Lord Simon of Highbury Business Attitudes to EMU and the Risk to Stability; S.Davies A Single Currency for Europe - Considerations for Workers; J.Monks The Single Currency and the European Social Model; J.Edmonds PART
IV: SOVEREIGNTY AND POLITICAL DETERMINATION Sovereignty in the Modern World; E.Heath Sterling Democracy or European Bureaucracy?; J.Redwood The Case for the European Single Currency and for the UK Joining It; G.Radice The Case Against the Maastricht Model of Central Bank Independence; D.Abbott Glossary Index


DIANE ABBOTT Member of the Labour Party National Executive
PHILIP ARESTIS Professor Economics, University of East London
LORD CURRIE OF MARYLEBONE Professor of Economics, London Business School
STEPHEN DAVIES Economic Research Executive, Policy Unit of the Institute of Directors
JOHN EDMONDS General Secretary, General, Municipal and Boilermakers' Trades Union
BARRY EICHENGREEN John L. Simpson Professor of Economics and Political Science, University of California, Berkeley
WALTER ELTIS Visiting Professor, University of Reading
CHRISTOPHER HASKINS Chairman of Northern Foods plc
NIGEL HEALEY Professor and Head, Department of Business Studies, Manchester Metropolitan University
SIR EDWARD HEATH Conservative Member of Parliament, former Prime Minister of the UK (1970-1974)
RICHARD LAYARD Professor of Economics, London School of Economics and Political Science
JONATHAN MICHIE Professor of Management, Birbeck College, University of London
PATRICK MINFORD Professor of Economics, Cardiff Business School
JOHN MONKS General Secretary, Trades Union Congress (TUC)
GILES RADICE Chairperson, Treasury Select Committee
JOHN REDWOOD Conservative Member of Parliament
MALCOLM SAWYER Professor and Head of Economics Division, University of Leeds
LORD SIMON OF HIGHBURY Minister of State, Department of Trade and Industry


'In this fascinating collection of articles, nine economists evaluate the economic and policy implications of economic and monetary union (EMU) for Britain.' - The Morning Star
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