Quantum-Well Laser Array Packaging

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November 2006



Quantum-well lasers offer the promise of lightning-fast data communications 10-to-100 times faster than broadbandWhile the architecture for these devices already exists, they suffer from material packaging problems. In this book the authors address this critical issue by providing researchers with state-of-the-art screening and packaging techniques not found in any other resource.Key features
  • Degradation signatures occurring in high power laser bars exposed to high optical power densities
  • Failure prediction for different types of laser bars and technologies
  • Screening methodologies in high power laser bars with a classification of detected defects
  • In-depth degradation analysis of bars and single emitters
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    <H4>Contributors<H4>Foreword<H3>Chapter 1: Introduction<H3>Chapter 2: Overview of Laser Diode Degradation Mechanisms<H3>Chapter 3: Strain Measurement<H3>Chapter 4: Laser Facet Inspection by Imaging Techniques<H3>Chapter 5: Failure Prediction of High-Power Laser Bars<H3>Chapter 6: Reduction of External Stresses by Improved Packaging Techniques<H3>Chapter 7: Degradation Modes and Related Defects in High-Power Laser Bars<H3>Chapter 8: Summary<H4>APPENDIX: MATERIALS PROPERTIES<H4>Index


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