Handbook of Plastics Technologies: The Complete Guide to Properties and Performance

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"Understand, design, and manufacture plastics"
This resource provides you with the state-of-the-art information for the design, manufacture and application of plastics as well as its cutting-edge usage in nanotechnology.Includes the latest industry specifications and standardsCovers the latest recycling methods


<H3>Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Polymers and Plastics (Carol M.F. Barry, Anne-Marie Baker, Joey L. Mead) <H3>Chapter 2: Thermoplastics (Anne-Marie Baker, Joey L. Mead) <H3>Chapter 3: Thermosets (Rudolph D. Deanin) <H3>Chapter 4: Elastomers (Aubert Y. Coran) <H3>Chapter 5: Plastic Additives (Rudolph D. Deanin) <H3>Chapter 6: Nanomanufacturing with Polymers (Daniel Schmidt, Joey L. Mead, Carol M.F. Barry) <H3>Chapter 7: Plastics Joining (Edward M. Petrie) <H3>Chapter 8: Plastics Recycling and Biodegradable Plastics (Susan E. Selke) <H3>Chapter 9: Plastics and Elastomers: Automotive Applications (K. Sehanobish and Tom Traugott)


Charles A. Harper is president of Technology Seminars, Inc., an organization devoted to presenting seminars on electronic packaging and related subjects to the electronics industry. He is a graduate of The John Hopkins University School of Engineering , Baltimore, MD., and a past member of the engineering faculty of The Johns Hopkins University. He is active in numerous professional societies, including the International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (of which he is a past president), the National Electronic Packaging Conference (NEPCON), and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. He is series editor of McGraw-Hill's Electronic Packaging and Interconnection Technology Series and a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Electronic Packaging and Production magazine.

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