Girl Stuff: A Survival Guide to Growing Up

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April 2006



Now updated and expanded, this guide is loaded with information that will help tween girls understand and cope with the physical and psychological changes that go along with puberty.


MARGARET BLACKSTONE writes books about science as well as picture books. She lives in New York City. ELISSA HADEN GUEST is the author of the Iris and Walter easy reader series. She lives in San Francisco, California. BARBARA POLLAK has illustrated several children's books, including her own "Our Community Garden." She lives in San Francisco, California. While working on "Girl Stuff," the authors consulted a gynecologist, two psychologists, a sex educator, a dermatologist, and a pediatric nurse.


"The accessible format, attractive design, and chatty narrative make this a worthy addition to the girls' development canon."--"School Library Journal"
"Conversational, nonjudgmental, accurate, practical, and broad in scope, this title gives girls an idea of what they can expect, physically and emotionally, as they become young women."--"Booklist"
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