Seismic Ray Theory

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The seismic ray method plays an important role in seismology, seismic exploration, and in the interpretation of seismic measurements. Seismic Ray Theory presents the most comprehensive treatment of the method available. Many new concepts that extend the possibilities and increase the method's efficiency are included. The book has a tutorial character: derivations start with a relatively simple problem, in which the main ideas are easier to explain, and then advance to more complex problems. Most of the derived equations are expressed in algorithmic form and may be used directly for computer programming. This book will prove to be an invaluable advanced text and reference in all academic institutions in which seismology is taught or researched.


Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. The elastodynamics and its simple solutions; 3. Seismic rays and travel times; 4. Dynamic ray tracing. Paraxial ray methods; 5. Ray amplitudes; 6. Ray synthetic seismograms; Appendix. Fourier transform, Hilbert transform and analytical signals; References; Index.


'... an important advanced reference textbook in all academic institutions dealing with seismology.' Rodolfo Console, Editrice Compositori 'This is the most comprehensive book on seismic ray theory that has every been written ... a seminal work on seismic ray theory.' Roel Snieder, Colorado School of Mines 'Seismic Ray Theory will soon become an important advanced reference textbook in all academic institutions dealing with seismology, as well as in research and exploration departments of the petroleum industry and geological survey.' Rodolfo Console, Annali di Geofisica
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