The Trial of the Gospel: An Apologetic Reading of Luke's Trial Narratives

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Juli 2005



Alexandru Neagoe sets out to examine Luke's writings as an apologetic work by focusing on the trial narratives.


1. Introduction; 2. Narrative precedents of Jesus' trial; 3. Luke's account of Jesus' trial; 4. The trial of Jesus in narrative retrospection; 5. The trials of Peter; 6. The 'trial' of Stephen; 7. The trials of Paul; 8. Conclusions.


Alexandru Neagoe is Lecturer at the Areopagus Centre for Christian Education and Contemporary Culture and Pastor of the First Baptist Church, Timisoara, Romania.


'The great merit of this study is that it seeks to do justice to the range of Luke's project, providing a context in which many separate facets of recent Lucan research find a satisfactory, integrated role ... a most valuable addition to the study of Luke.' Epworth Review 'For those interested in Lukan scholarship, Neagoe's contribution clearly highlights the importance of the apologetic nature of Luke's work. the centrality of the resurrection emerging as a key factor in Lukan apology is a valuable insight.' Neotestamentica 'Neagoe's study offers a reading of Luke-Acts which incorporates much of the text into one consistent understanding of Luke's purpose in writing. It also offers numerous helpful exegetical insights along the way.' European Journal of Theology ' ... well-argued and convincing ...' Perspectives in Religious Studies
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