Terror and Civilization: Christianity, Politics and the Western Psyche

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Drury regards the political problems of the modern world to be thoroughly Biblical. In the politics of the Twenty-first century, we find two equally arrogant and self-righteous civilizations confronting one another. Each is convinced that it is on the side of God, truth and justice, while its enemy is allied with Satan, wickedness and barbarism. The language of diplomacy and compromise has been replaced by the language of jihad or the struggle against the cosmic forces of evil. Life is radicalized; and all choices are polarized. Politics properly understood is eclipsed. Drury urges us to transcend the Biblical view of the world. Instead, she argues in favour of a genuinely liberal, secular and pluralistic understanding of politics.


METAPHYSICS OF TERROR The Apologetic Argument Was Jesus Moderate? Sin as Unbelief Hell and Damnation Is Heaven for Sadists? How Glad are the Glad Tidings? Angst of Salvation Ransom for Sin POLITICS OF TERROR Treachery with a Clear Conscience Augustinian Chic Political Realism with a Twist Christian Arrogance Christian Militancy Against Christianity in Politics ETHIC OF LOVE The Morality of Jesus Sins of Thought A Tragic Ethos Inner State of Siege More than a Hint of Asceticism PSYCHOLOGY OF TERROR Neurosis of the West Guilt, Original Sin, and Expiation Garrison Within The Moses of Freud Promethean Revolt Romanticizing Evil TERROR, IDEALS, AND CIVILISATION Beyond Naiveté and Cynicism A Clash of Civilizations? Terrorism: From Samson to Atta Transcending the Biblical Horizon


SHADIA B. DRURY is a Professor of Political Science and Philosophy at the University of Regina, Canada.


' Terror and Civilization is nothing less than a tour de force . Critically examining Christianity's oldest and deepest ideological roots, regardless of our own religious convictions or convictions about religion Drury compels us to reflect on our beliefs for the subtle ways they unwittingly implicate us in the violence we thought we had opposed. Required reading for religious and anti-religious thinkers, moralists and anti-moralists, for truth seekers and critics of truth, for idealists and realists of all persuasions. A fine scholarly work, yet written with a clarity that makes it accessible to audiences outside the academic community.' - Morton Schoolman, SUNY Albany, USA
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