Focal Easy Guide to Macromedia Flash 8

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Offering an accessible introduction to all the major features of this unique graphics package using dozens of real-life examples in step-by-step tutorials with color illustrations, this handbook covers the latest features included in Flash 8.


Introduction History and development of the program What is it used for? How to use this book Interface At a glance guide to the interface The Start Page What are all the windows for? Changing your view Panel Sets and customizing your interface Using the Help files Flash Documents Naming files and working cross platform Vector Drawing At a glance guide to the tools The drawing tools Drawing a line Drawing with the Pencil tool The Shape Tools Painting with the Brush tool Using the Pen tool and the Subselection tool To overlap or to obliterate: object drawing vs. merge drawing Changing colours Creating gradient fills Transforming fills Creating text Paragraph options Spell checker Selecting and Modifying Making selections Modifying drawings Adding strokes Combining shapes Rulers, Guides and Grids Step by step create a perspective grid At a glance keyboard shortcuts for the tools Importing Images Vectors vs. bitmaps File types Bitmap file formats Vector file formats To import images Introducing the Library Importing images with areas of transparency Tracing bitmaps Painting with bitmaps Layers, Symbols and Keyframes Introducing layers Step-by-step create a manual drop shadow Introducing symbols Designing interactive buttons Creating a button symbol Introducing keyframes What is a behavior? Step-by-step create an interactive links page Using movie clip symbols Step-by step create animated rollover buttons Navigation 2 - Menus Button actions and frame actions Creating a basic menu Menus and submenus An online portfolio Loading images Mail to link Animation Creating a banner ad with frame-by-frame animation Separating and locking layers Using keyframes Onion skinning Frame rate and size Symbol animation Creating graphic symbols and instances Motion tweening Editing symbols Summary More Animation Techniques Using motion paths Easing Shape tweening Animated highlights Animating gradients Mask layers Further Animation Techniques Timeline effects Animated symbols Creating a looped background Copying and pasting frames Altering symbol centre points Symbols within symbols Using scenes Character design tips Sound Creating sounds to bring into Flash Some fundamentals of digital audio Importing sounds Streaming vs. event sounds Editing sounds in Flash Attach a sound to a button Adding comments to frames Warning about file sizes Video What is digital video? How do you bring it into your computer? Using video in Flash Rotoscoping Preparing for video output Frame rate and frame size Pixel aspect ratio Frames vs. fields Broadcast safe colors Overscan Designing for Cross-media Planning a web site Information architecture Design for the web Size Color Typography Usability Planning for animation Putting Flash on the Web Accessibility Project management tips Tips for lowering file sizes Testing your work Anatomy of a website Exporting Exporting with audio Creating pre-loaders Uploading Cross-media Publishing Publishing Profiles Exporting stills Exporting with audio Exporting for video output About compression and file sizes Compositing your Flash movie Putting your Flash movie onto video or DVD Exporting projectors Appendix. Resources Web usage statistics Web design info Accessibility More about mobile devices Sound resources on the web ActionScripting tutorials on the web Flash animation tutorials on the web Animation resources on the web Further reading on character animation Further reading on motion graphics Further reading on Flash


"A useful companion for current Flash MX 2004 users, and particularly worthwhile for those thinking of working with the software and seeking to understand its features." - Game Developers' Association of Australia
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