Advances in Solid State Physics

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August 2001



The 2001 Spring Meeting of the 65th Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft was held together with the 65. Physikertagung, in Hamburg, during the pe riod March 26 30 2001. With more than 3500 conference attendees, a record has again been achieved after several years of stabilisation in participation. This proves the continuing and now even increasing, attraction of solid state physics, especially for young colleagues who often discuss for the first time their scientific results in public at this meeting. More than 2600 scientific pa pers were presented orally, as well as posters, among them about 120 invited lectures from Germany and from abroad. This Volume 41 of "Advances in Solid State Physics" contains the written versions of half of the latter. We nevertheless hope that the book truly reflects the current state of the field. Amazingly enough, the majority of the papers as well as the discussions at the meeting, concentrated on the nanostructured solid state. This re flects the currently extremely intensive quest for developing the electronic and magnetic device generations of the future, which stimulates science be sides the challenge of the unknown as has always been the case since the very beginning of Solid State Physics about 100 years ago.


Quantum Dots.- A Quantum Dot Single Photon Source.- Control of Light in Microresonators.- Numerical Renormalization Group Analysis of Interacting Quantum Dots.- Few-Particle Effects in Self-Organized Quantum Dots.- Spectroscopy on Single Dots - Monitoring Carrier Interaction with the Environment.- Optical Spectroscopy on Single Quantum Dots: Charged Excitons.- Long-Wavelength Buried-Tunnel-Junction Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers.- Optics.- Photon Echo Experiments on Electron-Plasmon Quantum Kinetics in GaAs.- Phonon and Coulomb Quantum Kinetics for Femtosecond Spectroscopy.- Quantum Kinetic Effects in Semiconductors Studied via Femtosecond Transmission Measurements.- Phonon Quantum Kinetics in Spatially Inhomogeneous Systems.- Propagating Anisotropic Solitons in Active Semiconductor Media.- Photorefractive Spatial Solitons.- X-Ray Magneto-Optics.- Electron and Spin Transport.- Spintronics: Spin Electronics and Optoelectronics in Semiconductors.- Transport in Quasi One-Dimensional Systems.- Transport in Nanostructures: A Comparison between Nonequilibrium Green Functions and Density Matrices.- Spin-Orbit Coupling in Two-Dimensional Electron and Hole Systems.- Nanostructures.- Lanthanide-Silicide Films on Silicon Surfaces.- Development of Texture and Microstructure in MgO Buffer Layers Using Ion-Beam Assisted Pulsed Laser Deposition.- Modelling of Structure Formation and Mechanical Stresses during Growth of Vapor Deposited Amorphous Thin Films.- Some Materials Science Aspects of PVD Hard Coatings.- X-Ray Diffraction and X-Ray Reflectivity Applied to Investigation of Thin Films.- Three-Dimensional Electric Field Probing of Ferroelectrics on the Nanometer Scale Using Scanning Force Microscopy.- Superconducting Systems.- Terahertz Hilbert Spectroscopy by High-T c Josephson Junctions.- Discrete Breathers in Condensed Matter.- Quantum Phase Transitions and Collective Modes in d-Wave Superconductors.- Complex Systems.- Physics in Cell Biology: Actin as a Model System for Polymer Physics.- The Wonderful World of Active Many-Particle Systems.- Pattern Formation in Dissipative Systems: A Particle Approach.- Structure Formation by Aggregation: Models and Applications.- Amorphous Thin Film Growth: Modeling and Pattern Formation.- Dynamic Processes at the Glass Transition.- Semiclassical Theory.- The Trace Formula between Classical and Quantum Mechanics.- Tunneling in Complex Systems and Periodic Orbits.- The Gutzwiller Trace Formula for Quantum Systems with Spin.- Semiclassical Description of Shell Effects in Finite Fermion Systems.- Quantum Signatures of Typical Chaotic Dynamics.- The Semiclassical Tool in Complex Physical Systems: Mesoscopics and Decoherence.- Cohesion and Stability of Metal Nanowires: A Quantum Chaos Approach.- Magnetism.- Magnetochemistry: Compounds and Concepts.- Lorentz Electron Microscopic Observation of Micromagnetic Configurations in Nanostructured Materials.- Laser-Control of Ferro- and Antiferromagnetism.- Spin-Polarized Photoelectron Emission Microscopy of Magnetic Nanostructures.- Study of Excitations in Structurally Incommensurately Modulated Solids by Means of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.- High Resolution X-Ray Detection Using Metallic Magnetic Calorimeters.- Magnetotransport Properties of Thin Films of Magnetic Perovskites.- Dynamics of Ferroelectric Domain Walls.- Magnetic Nanoparticles: The Simulation of Thermodynamic Properties.- Micromagnetic Simulation of Switching Events.


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