Substance Use and Misuse: Nature, Context and Clinical Interventions

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Substance Use and Misuse is a comprehensive and practical text that covers the core elements of substance use and misuse in both acute and community settings. The text reflects those areas in which health-care professionals are assuming greater responsibility for those people misusing psychoactive substances.


Section I - Understanding Substance Use and Misuse. Chapter 1. Introduction. Chapter 2. Concepts and Models. Chapter 3. Tobacco Smoking. Chapter 4. An Overview of Psychoactive Drugs. Chapter 5. Alcohol and Alcohol Related Problems. Chapter 6. It's Everybody's Business: the Responses of Health Care Professionals. Section II - Prevention, Recognition and Intervention. Chapter 7. Prevention and Health Education. Chapter 8. Screening and Generic Assessment. Chapter 9. An Overview of Intervention Strategies. Chapter 10. Service Provision for Substance Misusers. Section III - Generic Responses: Different Contexts and Settings. Chapter 11. Drug Use, Pregnancy and Care of the New-born. Chapter 12. Health Visiting and Substance Misuse. Chapter 13. Practice Nurse: Recognition and Early Interventions. Chapter 14. School Nursing and Substance Misuse. Chapter 15. Substance Misuse in the Accident and Emergency Department. Chapter 16. HIV, Hepatitis and Substance Misuse. Section IV - Addiction nursing: Specialist Responses. Chapter 17. Alcohol: Community Detoxification and Clinical Care. Chapter 18. Benzodiazepines: Clinical Care and Nursing Intervention. Chapter 19. Stimulants: Clinical Care and Nursing Interventions. Chapter 20. Opiate and Polydrug Use: Clinical Care and Nursing Intervention. Chapter 21. Nicotine Addiction: Health Care Interventions. Chapter 22. Working with Diverse Special Populations. Chapter 23. Working with Dual Diagnosis Clients. Chapter 24. Contemporary Issues in Addiction Nursing


"This book will undoubtedly be useful to non-specialist nurses and all those new to the field of substance misuse It is in addition a useful reference guide to specialist nurses." Association of Nurses in Substance Abuse "This book is a well balanced, easy to read book and will be of interest to all Health Care Professionals, but may be especially informative to student nurses in helping them gain insight into the complex nature of substance misuse" Druglink "This book is an especially useful primer and resource for all nursing and healthcare specialties, but is an essential text for psychiatric nursing students and practitioners. Few books are available on this topic and none have represented the entire clinical issue as well." Doody's Rating 4-star
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