Short Stories

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A collection of powerful, unabridged stories, accompanied by activities for creative language classrooms.


To the learner; 'The star' by ALASDAIR GRAY; 'Strange animal' an African story retold by ALEXANDER McCALL SMITH; 'Hannah' by MALACHI WHITAKER; 'Report on the shadow industry' by PETER CAREY; 'Verbal transcription - 6 a.m. by WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS; 'The debutante' by LEONORA CARRINGTON; ' Important things' by BARBARA L. GREENBERG; 'Secrets' by TIM WINTON; 'Dazzler' by SUNITI NAMJOSHI; ' Misunderstood' an anonymous story; 'Shell songs A letter from the laird's wife by GEORGE MACKAY BROWN; The authors; Notes on the stories; Key; Tapescripts; To the teacher.


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