Social Work, Community Work

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August 2003



* Examines psychological theory such as development, social learning, humanistic, mental health and counselling in the context of social work. * Covers aspects such as making assessments, ethics, interviewing and working in groups.


1. Perspectives on human beings. . 2. Aspects of human development. . 3. Interpersonal skills and communication. . 4. Children and their families. . 5. Child abuse. . 6. Crisis intervention and counselling. . 7. Working for mental health. . 8. Working with communities and groups. . 9. Continuing professional development. . 10. Values and ethics.


Carole Sutton is Head of The Centre for the Study of Parent Training based at the Department of Health and Community Studies, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK.


a Carole Suttona s books are above all useful, and this one is no exception. It scans an enormous range of theory and practice with clarity and succinctness ... How far does this book achieve its aim of identifying what psychology can offer to the professions of social work and community work? Social workers will certainly find this a most convenient source of psychological theories and their applications. Sutton has a gift for clear exposition of complex theoretical ideas and explaining their relevance in social work contexts. Her account of crisis intervention and counselling is one of the best I have read ... It is certainly a book that would justify its place on any social workera s shelf. I expect to refer to it frequently and if a student asks to borrow it I shall advise her to buy her own copy. British Journal of Social Work
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