Bacr Guidelines for Cardiac Rehabilitation

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The last three years have seen tremendous advances in the growth of cardiac rehabilitation programs within the UK and throughout Europe. The formation of the British Association for Cardiac Rehabilitation (BACR) has been a milestone in the development of a professional network that aims to improve the safety and standards of programs throughout the UI. Edited and written by a multidisciplinary subcommittee of the BACR, this book will be an invaluable tool for practitioners working in cardiac rehabilitation.
"BACR Guidelines for Cardiac Rehabilitation" provides an overview of research findings. Areas covered include the structure, content, personnel, administration and funding of a program, as well as detailed information on exercise testing and prescription, motivating adults to exercise and other psycho-social aspects of cardiac rehabilitation.


Introduction and UK status; historical background; structure and content, management and administration; medical aspects of cardiac rehabilitation; exercise testing and prescription; motivation to exercise; psychosocial aspects of cardiac rehabilitation; dietary aspects of cardiac rehabilitation; funding issues in cardiac rehabilitation.


""The definitive UK text on the subject and serves as an invaluable guide and resource for those working in the field." " Fiona Lough, Physiotherapy, 1997
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