Peoples and Cultures of Asia

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This textbook is the only single book available at this time to highlight the importance of this region of the world. Each chapter in the book is written by anthropologists who have done ethnographic research in each country discussed. Chapters include material on the geography, prehistory, languages, demography, history, and discussions of the contemporary economy, family, gender, ethnic, political, and religious developments in these various countries.


Peoples and Cultures of Asia. PART I Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION TO ANTHROPOLOGY Raymond Scupin Sociology/Anthropology Lindenwood University PART II SOUTHWEST AND SOUTH ASIA Chapter 2 Afghanistan H. Sidky and Deborah Akers Miami University of Ohio Chapter 3 India Ann Hardgrove University of Texas, San Antonio Chapter 4 Pakistan Anita Weiss University of Oregon PART III EAST ASIA Chapter 5 China Pamela DeVoe International Institute, St. Louis Chapter 6 Korea Clark Sorensen University of Washington Chapter 7 Japan John and Ruth McCreery Sophia University, Tokyo PART IV SOUTHEAST ASIA Chapter 8 Mainland Southeast Asia Raymond Scupin Lindenwood University Chapter 9 Island Southeast Asia Ronald Lukens-Bull University of North Florida
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