Research Strategies in Human Biology: Field and Survey Studies

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This book is about doing field research - the obstacles that are faced and the strategies used.


List of boxes; List of contributors; Preface; 1. Planning a research project G. W. Lasker; 2. Research designs and sampling strategies C. G. N. Mascie-Taylor; 3. Biocultural studies of ethnic groups B. Bogin; 4. Migration M. A. Little and P. W. Leslie; 5. Collection of human population genetic data D. F. Roberts; 6. Nutritional studies in biological anthropology S. J. Ulijaszek and S. S. Strickland; 7. Historical demography and population structure J. H. Mielke and A. C. Swedlund; 8. Writing for publication G. W. Lasker; Index.


'... makes an important contribution, and one that will benefit workers in other areas than human biology. It is likely to take a place alongside Howell's Surviving Fieldwork as required reading for field and survey workers. I will be recommending it as a suitable textbook.' N. G. Norgan, Annals of Human Biology
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