Scattering of Waves from Large Spheres

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This book provides a complete mathematical and physical description of both scalar and electromagnetic waves scattering from spherical targets. Focusing primarily on spherical radii much larger than incident wavelengths, Walter Grandy explicates and applies the mathematical tools required for developing a deep understanding of the physical processes involved. He employees common atmospheric phenomena such as the rainbow and glory to illustrate theoretical development. Grandy also provides a detailed analysis of optical resonances and extends the theory to include inhomogeneous and nonspherical particles, collections of spheres, and bubbles. This book will be of primary interest to graduate students and researchers in physics (particularly in the fields of optics, the atmospheric sciences and astrophysics), electrical engineering, physical chemistry and some areas of biology.


Preface; 1. Classical scattering; 2. Scattering of scalar waves; 3. Scattering of electromagnetic waves from spherical targets; 4. First applications of the Mie solution; 5. Short-wavelength scattering by transparent spheres; 6. Scattering observables for large dielectric spheres; 7. Resonance scattering; 8. Extensions and further applications; Appendices; References.


"useful for anyone seeking to broaden his or her understanding and make connections between different theoretical approaches to scattering prolems...Grandy provides a fresh approach, incorporating many different physical models, to illuminate the physical characteristics of scattering from spheres." Am. J. Phys. 69 Oct 2001
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