Pelagic Sediments: On Land and Under the Sea

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Januar 1991



Introduction Plate stratigraphy and the fluctuating carbonate line Preservation of cephalopod skeletons and carbonate dissolution on ancient Tethyan sea floors Sedimentology of Palaeozoic pelagic limestones: the Devonian Griotte (Southern France) and Cephalopodenkalk (Germany) Deep-water limestones from the Devonian-Carboniferous of the Carnic Alps, Austria Pelagic ooze-chalk-limestone transition ands its implications for marine stratigraphy Some aspects of cementation in chalk Diagenesis of Upper Cretaceous chalks from England, Northern Ireland and the North Sea Maastrichian chalk of north-west W Europe - a pelagic shelf sediment Magnesian-calcite nodules in the Ionian deep sea: an actualistic model for the formation of some nodular limestones Origin of red nodular limestones (Ammonitico Rosso, Knollenkalke) in the Mediterranean Jurassic: a diagenetic model Deposition and diagenesis of silica in marine sediments Chertification of oceanic sediments Petrography and diagenesis of deep-sea cherts from the central Atlantic Formation of deep-sea chert: role of the sedimentary environment Siliceous turbisites: bedded cherts as redeposited ocean ridge-derived sediments Radiolarian cherts, pelagic limestones and igneous rocks in eugeosynclinal assemblages Origin and fate of ferromenganoan active ridge sediments Pelagic sediments in the Cretaceous and Tertiary history of the Troodos massif, Cyprus Encrusting organisms in deep-sea manganese nodules
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