Adr and Adjudication in Construction Disputes

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Frustration with the legal system has led many in the construction industry to question the value of both litigation and arbitration as a means of resolving disputes. As a result, they have been looking at alternative dispute resolution options, whether ADR itself, mediation, adjudication or expert determination.
This book looks at ADR and construction contracts following the changes introduced by the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act, the Construction Scheme


Contents: Construction Contracts -- an inevitable source of conflict?; Arbitration and Litigation: a tarnished reputation; Growth of ADR in the UK, Australia and Hong Kong; Mediation and Conciliation; Adjudication and Expert Determination; Dispute Review Boards and Disputes Advisers; Other Forms of ADR; Practical and legal concerns in using ADR to resolve disputes; Adjudication and the a Constructiona Act; JCT Standard Forms of Contract and associated subcontract forms; General conditions of government contracts for building and civil engineering works; Engineering forms of contracts; New Engineering Form of Contract and the Adjudicatora s Contract; Model Rules for Adjudication: Appendices; References; Table of Cases; Index.


"This is the first book I have seen dedicated to detailed examination of ADR, adjudication and contractual provisions for dispute resolution, and I recommend it to everyone involved in construction industry disputes." Construction Law
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