Simple Ways to Pray: Spiritual Life in the Catholic Tradition

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November 2005



In Simple Ways to Pray, Emilie Griffin offers her readers an intimate and accessible introduction to the history and practice of prayer in the Catholic tradition. Meaning both to engage the beginner and encourage the experienced, Griffin explores the different types, devotional styles and techniques of prayer as well as outlining practical strategies for starting and sustaining an interior spiritual life.


Chapter 1 Opening the Treasure-Box Chapter 2 Becoming Intentional Chapter 3 Visiting with Christ Jesus Chapter 4 Praying in the Holy Spirit Chapter 5 The Blessed Virgin Mary: What Marian Prayer is All About Chapter 6 Praying to Angels and Saints: Heavenly Intercessors Chapter 7 Intercessory Prayer: Petition and Intercession Chapter 8 Contemplative Styles of Prayer:The Simpler, the Better Chapter 9 Practical Strategies Chapter 10 Spiritual Life in the Catholic Tradition Chapter 11 Index Chapter 12 About the Author


Emilie Griffin is the author of several books on the spiritual life, including Doors Into Prayer and Spiritual Classics.


From angels to intercession, solitary contemplation to common liturgy, scriptural meditation to the Sacred Heart devotion, the sign of the cross to the Rosary, Emilie Griffin's Simple Ways to Pray is an overflowing cornucopia of wise insights about prayer in the Catholic tradition. If you have ever longed for deeper intimacy with God yet felt intimidated by the thought that prayer is esoteric or only for those who "have it all together," this is a book you will treasure. -- Wendy M. Wright, Professor of Theology, Creighton University, and author, Sacred Heart: Gateway to God and Heart Speaks to Heart, the Salesian Tradition Like a humble but proud, gracious and intelligent guide, Emilie Griffin ushers us through her father's house, pausing to describe the treasures in its many rooms. Although to some the house looks intimidating from the outside, Griffin takes us across the threshold into a warm and welcoming inner world of sinners and saints, prayer and song, vision and wisdom. The house is not a secured museum-our guide encourages us to touch the treasures and take them home, or simply to remain forever under the sheltering roof as part of the wildly diverse family of forgiveness. -- Father David Denny, Founding Director of the Desert Foundation, and Visiting Professor of Religion and English at Colorado College Beginners in prayer will be amazed and consoled by the multiplicity of ways that one can pray. Those who have been at it for awhile will have the experience of opening up an old chest of one's most precious keepsakes. -- Mark E. Thibodeaux, S.J., Director of Pastoral Ministry, Strake Jesuit College Preparatory Emilie Griffin has produced a marvelous resource for all Christians, whether Catholic or not. She whets the appetite to try the variety of prayer forms on the Catholic menu and lets the reader know how much she has enjoyed the meals herself. -- William A. Barry S.J., Writer and Spiritual Director, Campion Center Emilie Griffin is an intellectually and spiritually trustworthy guide to the deepest meaning of prayer, 'our yearning and our desire for God.' This modest book is rooted in theology and doctrine and, more importantly, suffused with a spirit of gratitude and humility. There is not one false note of pride to mar her praise of God, and it is this that confirms Emilie Griffin's authority. She writes from a soul formed by prayer, and her words reflect the adoration that is the true hallmark of a Catholic contemplative. America Both avid prayers and hesitant beginners will benefit from this wise and gentle guidebook. At once a collection of classic prayers-suited for all moods, temperaments, and occasions-and an overview of the many approaches to prayer, Emilie Griffin's book is truly a spiritual treasure-box. -- Robert Ellsberg, author, The Saints' Guide to Happiness Griffin's work is a gentle and informative invitation to let down our guard... Her descriptions of various types of prayer throughout the book are accessible for those with little background in Catholic prayer while maintaining a maturity and depth that can be appreciated by a seasoned Catholic... Griffin's theological knowledge is apparent... The spirit throughout Griffin's work is greatly appreciated. She walks the fine line of writing about the richness of the Catholic tradition while tending to the needs of readers with limited Catholic exposure with grace... Griffin provides her readers with the perennial nudge that both novice and experienced Christians often need to dig deep and renew their spiritual journey once again. Catholic Education: A Journal of Inquiry and Practice, March 2010
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