The Mammals of the Southern African Subregion

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November 2005



The definitive reference covering mammals of the southern African subregion. Extensively revised and updated for this new edition.


SUPERCOHORT AFROTHERIA; Order AFROSORICIDA; Suborder CHRYSOCHLORIDEA; I. Family CHRYSOCHLORIDAE / Golden moles; Subfamily Chrysochlorinae; Subfamily Amblysominae; Order MACROSCELIDEA; II. Family MACROSCELIDIDAE / Elephant-shrews; Order TUBULIDENTATA; III. Family ORYCTEROPODIDAE / Aardvark; COHORT PAENUNGULATA; Order HYRACOIDEA; IV. Family PROCAVIIDAE / Hyraxes; Superorder TETHYTHERIA; Order PROBOSCIDEA; V. Family ELEPHANTIDAE / Elephants; Order SIRENIA; VI. Family DUGONGIDAE / Dugong; SUPERCOHORT EUARCHONTAGLIRES; COHORT GLIRES; Order LAGOMORPHA; VII. Family LEPORIDAE / Hares, rock rabbits and rabbits; Order RODENTIA; Suborder HYSTRICOGNATHI; VIII. Family BATHYERGIDAE / Mole-rats; IX. Family HYSTRICIDAE / Porcupines; X. Family THRYONOMYIDAE / Canerats; XI. Family PETROMURIDAE / Dassie rat; Suborder SCIUROGNATHI; XII. Family PEDETIDAE / Springhare; XIII. Family SCIURIDAE / Squirrels; XIV. Family MYOXIDAE / Dormice; Subfamily Graphiurinae; XV. Family MURIDAE / Rats and mice; Subfamily Deomyinae; Subfamily Murinae; Tribe Otomyini; Subfamily Gerbillinae; Subfamily Mystromyinae; Subfamily Cricetomyinae; Subfamily Dendromurinae; Subfamily Petromyscinae; COHORT EUARCHONTA; Superorder PRIMATOMORPHA; Order PRIMATES; Suborder STREPSIRHINI; Infraorder LORIFORMES; XVI. Family GALAGIDAE / Galagos; Suborder HAPLORHINI; Infraorder SIMIIFORMES; Superfamily CERCOPITHECOIDEA; XVII. Family CERCOPITHECIDAE / Baboons and monkeys; Subfamily Cercopithecinae; SUPERCOHORT LAURASIATHERIA; Order EULIPOTYPHLA; Suborder SORICOMORPHA; XVIII. Family SORICIDAE / Shrews; Subfamily Myosoricinae; Subfamily Crocidurinae; Suborder ERINACEOMORPHA; XIX. Family ERINACEIDAE / Hedgehogs; Subfamily Erinaceinae; Order CHIROPTERA Bats; Suborder MEGACHIROPTERA / Fruit-eating bats; XX. Family PTEROPODIDAE; Suborder MICROCHIROPTERA / Insect-eating bats; XXI. Family EMBALLONURIDAE / Sheath-tailed bats; XXII. Family MOLOSSIDAE / Free-tailed bats; XXIII. Family VESPERTILIONIDAE / Vesper bats; Subfamily Miniopterinae; Subfamily Vespertilioninae; Subfamily Kerivoulinae; XXIV. Family NYCTERIDAE / Slit-faced bats; XXV. Family RHINOLOPHIDAE / Horseshoe bats; XXVI. Family HIPPOSIDERIDAE / Trident and leaf-nosed bats; COHORT FERUNGULATA; Superorder FERAE; Order PHOLIDOTA / Pangolins; XXVII. Family MANIDAE; Order CARNIVORA; Suborder FELIFORMIA; XVIII. Family HYAENIDAE / Hyaenas; Subfamily Protelinae; Subfamily Hyaeninae; XXIX. Family FELIDAE / Cats; Subfamily Acinonychinae; Subfamily Pantherinae; Subfamily Felinae; XXX. Family VIVERRIDAE / Civets and genets; Subfamily Viverrinae; XXXI. Family NANDINIIDAE / Palm civet; XXXII. Family HERPESTIDAE / Suricates and mongooses; Subfamily Herpestinae; Suborder CANIFORMIA; XXXIII. Family CANIDAE / Foxes, wild dogs and jackals; XXXIV. Family MUSTELIDAE / Otters, honey badger, weasel and polecat; Subfamily Lutrinae; Subfamily Mellivorinae; Subfamily Mustelinae; XXXV. Family OTARIIDAE / Fur seals; XXXVI. Family PHOCIDAE / True seals; Superorder PARAXONIA; Order PERISSODACTYLA; XXXVII. Family RHINOCEROTIDAE / Rhinoceroses; XXXVIII. Family EQUIDAE / Zebras; Superorder CETARTIODACTYLA; Order SUIFORMES; Suborder SUINA; Superfamily SUIODEA; XXXIX. Family SUIDAE / Pigs; Subfamily Suinae; Subfamily Phacochoerinae; Order WHIPPOMORPHA; Suborder ANCODONTA; Superfamily ANTHRACOTHEROIDEA; XL. Family HIPPOPOTAMIDAE / Hippopotamuses; Suborder CETACEA / Whales and dolphins; Infraorder ODONTOCETI; XLI. Family PHYSETERIDAE / Sperm whale; XLII. Family KOGIIDAE; XLIII. Family ZIPHIIDAE / Beaked whales; Subfamily Ziphiinae; Subfamily Hyperoodontinae; XLIV. Family DELPHINIDAE / Dolphins, pilot whales, killer and false killer whales; Infraorder MYSTICETI; XLV. Family BALAENIDAE / Right whales; XLVI. Family NEOBALAENIDAE / Pygmy right whales; XLVII. Family BALAENOPTERIDAE / Rorquals; Order RUMINANTIA; Suborder PECORA; Superfamily GIRAFFOIDEA; XLVIII. Family GI


"Easily accessible to professional and general readers alike, this monumental work is absolutely indispensable for anyone interested in or working with Southern African mammals. Without it, no mammalian library is complete. Essential." --Choice
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