God, the Mind's Desire: Reference, Reason and Christian Thinking

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April 2004



This 2004 book argues for both integrity of reason and integrity of transcendence in discourse about God.


1. A reconnaissance of theology and epistemology; 2. Theology and the lure of obscurity; 3. Philosophy's perpetual polarizations: Anti-realism and Realism; 4. Philosophy's perpetual polarizations: making and finding; 5. Philosophy's perpetual polarizations: act and being; 6. The Kantian inversion of 'all previous philosophy'; 7. Tragedy, empirical history and finality; 8. Penultimacy and Christology.


Paul D. Janz is Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Trinity Western University, Canada.


Review of the hardback: 'This intense and profound book performs the very approach it recommends, by demonstrating throughout intellectual virtues of patience, attention, rigour and commitment. Janz writes well and in a style refreshingly free from self-indulgent obscurity.' Times Literary Supplement Review of the hardback: '... a magnificent achievement ... anyone professionally involved in the realist/antirealist debate should read this book and take it seriously. They should also encourage their graduate students to read it.' Reviews in Religion and Theology Review of the hardback: '... rewarding study that is carefully argued, challenging and thought provoking for all who are interested in the fate of theological discourse in our so-called postmodern age ...' Conversations in Religions and Theology Review of the hardback: '... most lucidly argued throughout, frequently persuasive in its analysis of other writers, and profound and innovative in its conclusions ... and which speaks of the author as well-read in both theology and philosophy and writes with the confidence of someone who has mastered the relevant literature'. Expository Times
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