Working with Feminist Criticism

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November 1996



Using the concepts and practices of feminist literary criticism, this constantly challenging workbook not only makes the connection between women's writing and women's lives but breaks new ground in enabling students to apply critical concepts and to feel more at ease with the texts common to feminist literary theory.


Acknowledgements. Introduction. 1. Speech and Silence. 2. Defining a Feminist Text. 3. Creating a Matrilineage. 4. The Woman Author: Lost and Found. 5. The Death of the Woman Author? 6. Gender and Genre. 7. Feminism and Genre Fiction. 8. Feminist Publishing. 9. Feminist Reading. 10. Feminist Criticisms. 11. Patriarchal Binary Thought. 12. Gender Play. 13. Feminine Writing and Reading. 14. Finding the Subject. 15. The Politics of Location. Conclusion. Works Cited.


Mary Eagleton is Senior Lecturer in English and Women's Studies at the University College of Ripon and York St John. She has been closely involved in the development of feminist criticism and Women's Studies and is known for her contributions to this field. She is the editor of "Feminist Literary Theory: A Reader "(second edition 1995, Blackwell Publishers) and author of "Feminist Literary Criticism."


"Working with Feminist Criticism is both a guide to understanding and using feminist criticism and also a valuable source book for simple classroom exercises and for wider reading. This is not a daunting tome, but a fantastic source of ideas for the teacher of more advanced English language. It is also a worthwhile addition to the bookshelves of anyone with an interest in criticism and a passion for reading." Vatime Newsletter. "Working with Feminist Criticism is an invaluable resource for students coming to feminist literary criticism for the first time. However, it contains lots of useful and illuminating ideas that could be taken up by more experienced students." Caroline Guerin University of Adelaide.
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