Social Policy: A Critical Introduction

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Januar 1991



This major introductory textbook in social policy breaks new ground in arguing for the centrality of race, gender and class in welfare theory and practice.


Part I. The Discipline of Social Policy:. 1. The Origins and Development of the Discipline of Social Policy. 2. Perspectives of Welfare. Part II. New Critical Approaches to Welfare:. 3. Feminist Critiques of the Welfare State. 4. The Basis for an Anti--Racist Critique of the Welfare State. 5. The Perspectives Revisited. Part III. The Welfare State: An Analysis:. 6. The Historical Cast of Welfare Reforms. 7. The Welfare State as Part of a Racially--Structured and Patriarchal Capitalism. Conclusion. Bibliography. Index.


Fiona Williams


a ... essential reading on any unbiased social policy course.a Times Higher Education Supplement a An important general analysis of British social policy.a Race and Immigration a ... offers a new framework which allows for an integrated analysis of gender, race and class in the investigation of the development of the welfare state.a Network a ... the book is also an impassioned polemic on the British oppression and exploitation of women and Black people.a Times Higher Education Supplement a A carefully thought out introductory texta New Community
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