The Contemporary Novel: A Checklist of Critical Literature on the English Language Novel Since 1945

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Oktober 1997



In this new edition, what was already an expansive work has been updated and further enlarged to include information not only on American and British novelists but also on writers in English from around the world.


Irving Adelman is Head Reference Librarian at East Meadow Public Library on Long Island, NY. Rita Dworkin is former Head Adult Services Librarian at East Meadow Public Library on Long Island, NY.


...contains extensive material of value to those in search of references to works of literary criticism. AB Bookman's Weekly Expands on the first edition... Booklist ...comprehensive...this essential humanities reference source will be used by college preparatory high school, public, and academic libraries...the authors have succeeded admirably in listing authors whose works have contributed to the literary canon...outstanding contribution to the field of literary criticism...unsurpassed in its breadth and depth of scope. Consider this superb resource a mandatory purchase for all high school, public, and academic library collections. American Reference Books Annual
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