Arthurian Narrative in the Latin Tradition

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A unique perspective on the Arthurian tradition with particular focus on Geoffrey of Monmouth.


Acknowledgments; Note on translations; Introduction: Latin Arthurian narrative and the Angevin court; 1. 'The Anger of Saturn shall fall': Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia regum Britannie and the limits of history; 2. 'This is that Arthur': chronicle responses to Arthur; 3. 'Are you the only uncivilized knight produced by sweet Britain?': Arthurian episodes and knightly conduct; 4. 'Understanding the thing as it is': De Ortu Waluuanii and the challenge of interpretation; 5. 'Dies fantastica': the Historia Meriadoci and the adventure of the text; 6. 'When I have done you will be little the wiser': Arthur and Gorlagon, Vita Merlini, and parody; Conclusion; 'A wise man may enjoy leisure': the place of Latin Arthurian literature; List of works cited; Index.


'Professor Echard gives exemplary treatment to a fascinating subject ... Her argument is succinct and intelligent, her scholarship up to date, and her footnotes a mine of information.' Review of English Studies
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